Jingxi Lijin New Material Ltd.


Established on 05-Jan-2021 with a registered capital of ¥150 million, Jingxi Lijin is the subsidiary of Xiangtan Electrochemical Group, which holds 73.47% of shares Jingxi Linjing. Majoring in business of production & sales for battery grade cathode material grade, the Spinel Lithium Manganate (Formula: LiMn2O4, Abbr.: LMO), Jingxi Lijin plans to build its Phase I production line with 20,000 MT LMO annual capacity; for Phase II, production lines of another 10,000 MT LMO annual capacity, and 10,000 MT Manganese Tetroxide (Formula: Mn3O4) annual capacity is planned. At present, Jingxi Lijin is under construction of the Phase I, which is expected to put into operation in July 2021. After full operation, Jingxi Lijin would become a leading enterprise in domestic LMO manufacture industry.


Jingxi Lijin is committed to becoming a better, larger and stronger enterprise, and continues to extend and expand the industrial chain according to requirement and demands of both industry and market. Jingxi Lijin strives to build a world-class LMO battery cathode material manufacturing enterprise to contribute to the rapid development of the new energy industry.