Manganese oxide is used as a raw material to produce high-purity manganese sulfate solution, and electrolyzed to generate crude products of electrolytic manganese dioxide. Then crude products go through pulverization, neutralization and physical treatment to produce final products. Our products feature high chemical purity, high tap density, more reasonable grain fineness distribution and better circulative discharge performance.


Main applications:material of anode of lithium batteries.


Technical parameters

Item Specification
Manganese dioxide ≥91.0%
Moisture ≤3.0%
Moisture ≤0.0100%
Copper ≤0.0010%
Lead ≤0.0010%
Nickel ≤0.0010%
Cobalt ≤0.0010%
HCl insoluble ≤0.1%
Sulfate ≤1.3%
*PH (measured with distillation) 5~7

* or as per user specifications


Packing: apply polypropylene woven bag as the outer bag and polyethylene film bag as the inner bag, with each bag weighing 40KG. Freight bags (1T or 1.5T each bag) or pallets can also be used for transportation, if so required by users.