Chemical and physical methods are used to reduce the content of sodium ions and other impurities, and elements are continuously heated in a rotary furnace to transform into electrolytic manganese dioxide r/B mixed crystal form for primary lithium manganese batteries, with the moisture content, specific surface area and grain fineness distribution effectively controlled. Our products feature high chemical purity, suitable specific surface area, reasonable grain fineness distribution and low moisture content.


Main applications: raw materials of primary lithium manganese batteries.


Technical parameters

Item Specification
Manganese dioxide ≥91.0%
Adsorbed water ≤2.0%
Iron ≤0.0120%
Copper ≤0.0010%
Lead ≤0.0010%
Nickel ≤0.0010%
Cobalt ≤0.0010%
Sodium ≤0.0600%
Potassium ≤0.0600%
Sulfate ≤1.30%
*PH (measured with distillation) 5.0 - 7.0
HCl insoluble 0.10%
-325 meshes ≥90.0%

* or as per user specifications


Packing: apply polypropylene woven bag as the outer bag and polyethylene film bag as the inner bag, with each bag weighing 40KG. Freight bags (1T or 1.5T each bag) or pallets can also be used for transportation, if so required by users.